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Sicpuppy is designed to be easy to use, but there may be times when you need a helping hand.
All of your questions should be answered in this Help Section.

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What is the Sic Tour?

 Don't be cheap. Go to the record store and buy the CD.

How do I upload my pictures and photo issues?

 Right click the image and click "Save As" and save each image to whatever folder you choose op your computer.

My songs that I upload are playing "too fast"

 In the old days, you'd simply adjust the record player from 78 back to 33 for an LP. MP3 being digital encoded sounds, things are a bit different. It is possible your download is corrupt or your computer's media player has a glitch. Grab your coat and go to the pub. Beer tastes better anyway.

How do I Learn to Play Guitar?

 Playing the guitar is something that is great for beginners to start with as it is an instrument that the basics can be fairly quickly learned from songbooks with chord windows specially designed for budding guitarists. To progress from simple chord strumming and singalongs to the more advanced stuff, you'll need to either take the hard road and go watch professionals play and see what they do, then copy it. Or you can get an online course of join a membership site like Jamplay where you can get professional level tuition for a small monthly fee.

What is Sicpuppy?

  Read our About Us page that explains all about, well, us!

How Can I Learn to Sing?

 The best way to learn how to sing really well and take it to the kind of level where you could join a band and have the confidence to perform in front of an audience is to buy a good tuition course. You can get some of the best online singing lessons available by clicking on that link for more infoemation.






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